st george ut Optometry ServicesAt Paradise Canyon Eye Care, Dr. Joseph Fife and our entire Paradise Canyon Eye Care team are committed to providing advanced vision care for the whole family in a professional and welcoming environment. As a leading optometric practice in St. George, we offer a wide array of primary eye care services to fit you and your family’s needs, including:

  • Comprehensive Eye & Vision Exams
  • Eyeglasses: Lenses & Frames
  • Contact Lenses
  • Sunglasses
  • Computer Vision Lenses
  • Pediatric Vision Care
  • Ocular Disease Testing & Treatment for Glaucoma, Cataracts, Macular Degeneration and other eye diseases
  • Comprehensive Dilated Diabetic Eye Evaluations
  • Dry Eye and Ocular Allergy Evaluations and Treatment
  • Eye Foods and Supplements
  • Pre- and Post-Refractive Surgery Care
  • and more!

Eye Exams

Dr. Fife and the Paradise Canyon Eye Care team feel comprehensive eye exams are extremely important. It’s an opportunity to ensure your eyes are healthy and you are seeing your best, but it is also a time to learn and be educated about your eyes in an enjoyable and friendly environment. Our attention is focused on you and your experience. We offer comprehensive eye examinations for men, women and children. During your yearly examination you will find our eye examination process very thorough.

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Designer Frames

We offer a huge selection to choose from. Rugged styles for kids, trendy fashions for the young at heart, and classic frames for the most sophisticated tastes. Our fashion specialists will show you the latest styles of designer eyewear including Ray Ban, Tom Ford, Fendi, Jimmy Choo, Nike, Humphrey’s, Brendel, Tura, Guess, Nine West, Maui Jim, Elasta and more!

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Lenses that Protect Your Eyes

UV rays and short wavelength blue light can lead to cataracts and macular degeneration (AMD). Polarized sunglasses and Transition Lenses, along with the Crizal anti-reflective lenses block out the UV leading to healthier eyes and more comfortable vision. Blu-tech, Prevencia and other blue filtering lenses filter out the damaging short wavelength blue light emitted by your computer, iPad, iPhone and other handheld devices which otherwise would contribute to AMD. Healthy eyes equal healthy vision. (For more information on this, read my blog on this website.)

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Two-Year Frame and Lens Warranty

When you purchase frames and lenses which include TD2 scratch protection from Paradise Canyon Eye Care, you can be sure that you’re buying a quality product. If your frames break or lenses scratch within the first two years, we’ll replace them free of charge.

Contact Lenses

Not sure that glasses are for you? Ask our Paradise Canyon Eye Care team about contact lenses. We make it even easier to try the freedom of contact lenses – with our Guaranteed Soft Contact Lens Success Program. If you’re not completely happy with your soft contacts, we’ll buy back any unmarked, unopened boxes. We want you to have a healthy and enjoyable contact lens experience.

Advances in the field of optometry have produced a variety of different types of contact lenses with a range of benefits. We offer a full range of contacts to fit your needs, from bifocal contacts and extended-wear, to daily disposable, tinted and specialty lenses for keratoconus and astigmatism.

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Non-prescription or prescription sunglasses are available in a wide selection of designs including Maui Jim, Oakley, Nike, Fendi, Gucci, Vera Bradley, Juicy Couture, Jimmy Choo and more. Transitions, polarized and tinted lenses, mirror coatings, UV and blue light protection provide healthy and visually comforting options for your eyes when outdoors.

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Computer Vision

Computers, tablets and cell phones have become a common part of our lives. Unfortunately, eye problems associated with these activities are also on the rise. We provide treatment for computer vision syndrome and lenses that provide a more comfortable viewing experience which also protect against damaging blue light emitted by these devices. Dr. Fife will take your symptoms, pre-existing conditions, and potential undiagnosed conditions into account as he performs a series of eye tests to determine the best treatment plan for your specific needs.

Ocular Disease

Our eyewellness program uses the latest technology in evaluating eye diseases such as glaucoma and macular degeneration. This allows us to detect some eye diseases earlier than previously possible. Early detection leads to early diagnosis resulting in the ability to slow eye disease progression and maintain or improve eye health and the preserve quality of vision long term.

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If you have been diagnosed with diabetes, then you need to have a dilated eye exam every year to monitor for retinopathy associated with diabetes. Dr. Fife will evaluate your eye health by dilating and looking for signs of diabetes and will send a report of his findings to your PCP or internist who is managing your diabetic care. Diabetic retinopathy can lead to blindness and is completely preventable.

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Dry Eye/ Ocular Allergy Evaluations

If you suffer from dry, irritated, itchy or burning eyes you can find relief. Recent strides have been made in this area of optometry. Dr. Fife provides dry eye and ocular allergy evaluations in an effort to get at the root of the problem in order to better treat the source of the symptoms.

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Eye Foods and Supplements

If you are at risk for eye problems due to family history, personal choices you have made, environment or you have been diagnosed with an eye problem such as AMD or glaucoma, we guide you to know which supplements are beneficial for your eyes.

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Pre- and Post-LASIK Refractive Surgeries

Refractive surgeries such as Laser Assisted in Situ Keratomileusis, commonly referred to as LASIK, are corrective alternatives to glasses or contact lenses. Like glasses or contact lenses, refractive surgery is a method for treating refractive conditions including nearsightedness (myopia), farsightedness (hyperopia), and astigmatism. At Paradise Canyon Eye Care, Dr. Fife provides pre- and post-operative exams for LASIK and other eye procedures such as PRK for those who have thinner corneas and the Visian ICL Implant for higher nearsighted correction needs.

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