Time Again For Back-To-School Eye Exams!

Time Again For Back-To-School Eye Exams!Don’t forget to schedule an eye exam when you’re working on your back-to-school lists!

We’re All Visual Learners

Children do as much as 80 percent of their learning through their eyes, and in order for them to get the most out of whatever they’re learning, their vision needs to be clear. Clear vision doesn’t just make it easier to read what the teacher writes on the whiteboard—it also helps them process and remember what’s being taught.

School nurses often give students vision screenings, but these are very basic and won’t detect all the possible vision problems a child might have.

20/20 Vision Isn’t the Same as Healthy Vision

Having 20/20 vision isn’t all it takes to be a strong visual learner. In many school vision screenings however, that’s likely all they will test for, even though vision skills like eye teaming and tracking are crucial to reading and playing sports. In a comprehensive eye exam, we check for color blindness, eye alignment (teaming), ocular motility (tracking), and depth perception in addition to doing the standard E-chart visual acuity test. We also check that the structures of the eye look normal and healthy.

Every year I personally provide my own children eye exams before school starts. Last year, one of my children needed glasses. This year, another child was prescribed glasses. Despite being around them every day, I had no idea prior to providing them with an eye exam that they were in need of glasses and they certainly didn’t know to tell me. Most children will not tell you they can’t see. As a parent, I’m grateful I got their eyes checked because I want to set them up for success in school and in life. There is no need for them to struggle when it’s such an easy thing to correct.

Watch the video below to learn how common visual problems can cause difficulty in the classroom:

Be Ready To Start The School Year Strong!

As your lifelong vision care partner, we are committed to providing the advice and treatment your child needs to get the most out of school and to lead a healthy life. If you know of any success stories about how eye exams improved the education of children you know, please share them on our Facebook page! (Facebook.com/paradiseeye)

We appreciate every member of our practice family!

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