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Single Vision Lenses

Essilor 360° lenses

With the demands of modern life, including the increasing use of high tech devices and the various types of activities we engage in daily, clear vision is more important than ever before.

In the quest for perfect clarity and precision, eyeglass wearers are becoming increasingly demanding with regard to lens quality.

Single vision lenses traditionally have corrected for central vision needs very effectively, but they do not always meet the increasing visual demands from wearers, since some wearers still experience blurred peripheral vision and lack of contrast.

That’s where the new Essilor 360° single vision lens takes center stage by providing high resolution views in all activities in all directions of gaze, regardless of the prescription.

  • Clearer, Sharper vision across the entire lens: Wearers experience wider fields of vision and superior sharpness even in low light conditions.
  • More vivid colors features and details: contrast sensitivity is improved by an average of 30%. It helps wearers better perceive colors, distinguish objects in their environment, see textures, and discern visual details even in low light conditions.

Anti-fatigue lenses

Visual fatigue comes from an addition of factors causing discomfort for your eyes.

Indeed, in your every day life, you are dealing with various devices both at work and in your personal life: computer, Smartphone, tablet PC, TV... 

Your life is busy and stressful, surrounded by artificial lighting and polluted environment.   At the end of the day, your eyes are hurting you, they seem heavy and your vision can be blurred, your eyes are making a lot of effort to adapt from one device to another.

The Essilor Anti-Fatigue lens was developed specifically to prevent visual eye fatigue symptoms.  It has a specific correction positioned at the bottom of the lens, as a sort of boost zone, which helps your eye focus more easily.  It’s added to your current prescription at the bottom of the lens so you can more consistently have clear vision and comfortable eyes throughout the day.  In studies of people wearing the Essilor Anti-Fatigue lenses, wearers have rated visual fatigue decreasing by 50%.

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